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Services offered by Magnetics & Materials LLC

Available Services Include (alphabetic order)....
  • Due diligence: Facility inspection, evaluation of production controls and efficiency, value of technology and patent position...
  • Literature and patent search: Targeted or general search
  • Magnetic measurements: Specify, conduct, evaluate results
  • Magnetic tutorials: Basic and intermediate - the most requested and needed teachings about magnetism and magnetic materials on site or nearby your location to facilitate attendance
  • Market research: Competitive products, competitor companies, global production and supply situation
  • Marketing materials: Product specifications for individual sheet output or for catalogs, brochures. Focus is on technical content presented appropriately for the target audience
  • Material selection / recommendation: magnetic products, production consummables, ceramics, alloys, plastics
  • Patent review and expert witness: Issue of patents is based on filing date. It has become incumbent on industry to reject patent applications with non-novel content. We can assist with the review of patents both prior to final issue and during challenge.
  • Physical Material testing: specify and conduct or contract for suitable tests
  • Presentations: Technical or market related
  • Procedures: Authoring, proofing, review
  • Product and component sourcing: Magnets, subassemblies...
  • Strategic Planning: Participate with company personnel to clarify technical roadmap issues
  • Technology assessment: Evaluate market potential from the standpoint of technical feasibility, competitive price/performance, alternate technologies
  • Vendor certification and auditing: Site inspection, review of internal quality systems, etc.
  • Website design and content: Textual, technical and graphic content consistent with existing and planned company publications
Technology expertise

Magnetic measurement
Magnetic materials: compositions, structures, properties
Magnetic material production
Magnetic sheilding - DC and GHz frequency
Glass ceramics compositions and processing
Dielectrics and passive electronics manufacturing
Furnace design and operation: vacuum, air, and atmosphere

Specific materials expertise

Ferrite (permanent magnet)
Several others...

Additional information is shown in this CV.

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