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Numerous websites have information about magnetism, materials, energy production and use, electric cars and more. These are some of the resources and interesting sites we've found.

We'll be adding to it - stop back and check out updates!    Last updated: 28-March-2018

  • Books and Videos - An extensive listing of reference material

  • CIPCO Energy Library - Learn about Motors & Drives, Fundamentals of Electricity, Commercial Energy Systems, Power Quality, etc.

  • The Critical Materials Institute (CMI) at Ames Laboratory - The Critical Materials Institute focuses on technologies that make better use of materials and eliminate the need for materials that are subject to supply disruptions.

  • Earth's Magnetosphere - An educational web site by David P. Stern and Mauricio Peredo. This site contains information on: Magnetism, Electrons, Ions and Plasmas, Radiation Belts, The Sun and the Solar Wind, Exploring Earthspace, The Dynamic Magnetosphere, Close-Up of the Aurora, Magnetospheres and the Universe.

  • Electrical Engineering Training Series - Integrated Publishing's VERY informative site covers a wide range of topics including motors and generators.

  • EMF safety, news, and knowledge base - EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) is a broad term which includes electric fields generated by charged particles, magnetic fields generated by charged particles in motion, and radiated fields such as TV, radio, and microwaves.

  • G2 Consulting (George P. Gogue & Joseph J. Stupak, Jr.) - Course in magnetics, electromagnetics, and motors, etc.

  • Industry Glossary - Glossary of terms common to the study and use of magnetics.

  • Motor Glossary - Glossary of terms relating to motors. Originally written by members of SMMA and collated by this author in 2003 and updated in 2009 and 2015.

  • Hall Effect Measurements - A tutorial presented on the NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology, U.S.A.) Web site explaining the history and functioning of Hall devices. Includes a worksheet and example

  • HyperPhysics at Georgia State University - Extensive physics and math lessons for college-level students including electricity and magnetism. A CD of the content may be purchased from them.

  • Magnet Man - "Cool Experiments with Magnets." This Web site is devoted to magnetism and experiments you can perform with permanent magnets and electro-magnets. Site also includes links to many other sites, reference book list, sources for the materials used in the experiments, and more.

  • Magnetism at the University of Delaware - Magnetic materials, metamaterials, quantum fluids, and more.

  • Molecular Expressions Web Site - This link is to the Electricity and Magnetism Section of the site nominated for the 2001 Webby Award in the Sciences category. The educational tutorials about magnetism can be found at     Magnet Academy Tutorials

  • NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty - Essentials of the SI, Background and Bibliography.

  • Quadrennial Energy Review - Affordable, clean, and secure energy and energy services are essential for improving U.S. economic productivity, enhancing our quality of life, protecting our environment, and ensuring our Nation's security. Achieving these goals requires a comprehensive and integrated energy strategy resulting from interagency dialogue and active engagement of external stakeholders.

  • SI Units and Physical Constants - A thorough document is available from NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology, U.S.A.) providing conversion factors with an explanation of the build-up of the systems from fundamental units to derived units.

  • SQUID - Superconducting Quantum Interference Device - defined at Wikipedia and at the University of Liverpool (Dr. Bland's thesis)

  • SuperMagLab at Iowa State University - part of the Condensed Matter Physics Group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • University of Birmingham - Magnetic Materials Group at the University - History and description of magnetism and details on magnetics.

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