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There are about 98 naturally occuring elements. Of these 36 have been used to make magnetic materials. The same 36 elements in various combinations have been investigated for over 150 years. It is understandable why discovering a new, high performance permanent or soft magnetic material is so difficult. This puts an emphasis on improving the manufacture of existing magnetic materials in both quality and yield. It is also imperative to improve designs using magnetic materials to: maximize efficiency, reduce consumption of strategic materials, lower device size and weight, obtain an optimum balance between selling price and performance, design for recyclability, and maximize production efficiency.

Magnetics & Materials LLC can assist in meeting these technical and business challenges.

The best product still has to be accepted - sought after - in the marketplace. Effective marketing of products to engineers, to purchasing personnel and to customer management can be accomplished with targeted advertising content for each of these mindsets.

Magnetics & Materials LLC can assist in preparing, proofing, and advising for: content, design, and marketing locations/opportunities.

Ongoing production requires monitoring for process control to ensure product compliance. Also, frequent benchmarking of competitors' products can provide an edge in maintaining a technical lead.

Magnetics & Materials LLC can assist in specifiying and arranging for appropriate product testing.

Magnetics & Materials LLC functions both as a stand alone company and in conjunction with other industry experts to provide a wide range of services to both the magnetics and the materials industries.

We can recommend and provide the most technically competent and cost effective solutions to meet your company's needs.

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